Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Barrier in MA Coming Down

The Senate and now House have voted to repeal the archaic 1913 law used in Massachusetts by the anti-gay religious blight, to block same-sex couples outside the state from coming there to get married. It was actually our good friend Mitt (Willard) Romney who at the time touted the law and said it would keep the state from becoming the "Las Vegas of same-sex marriage".

With marriage victories in CA and NY, MASS activists attacked the law with renewed vigor, and even used the argument of a revenue windfall for the state ( a strong argument in today's economy). The House passed the repeal 118 to 35 and the governor will sign it.

Marc Solomon, exec director of Mass Equality, said, “This really does eliminate the last vestige of legal discrimination against same-sex couples in our laws."