Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Matt Drudge's Advice on Kissing Guys

The clip below is from my interview with Craig Seymour, a gay ex-stripper (now an English professor), whose memoir was published earlier this month -- All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington DC -- who came on the show recently and had some interesting things to say about his one-time roommate and "hanging buddy" Matt Drudge, then known as "Matthew."

There had been some blog notice in recent weeks of Seymour's discussion in the book of his past friendship with the right-wing Internet hack. Gawker and Wonkette took notice, but only to reveal Drudge's obsession with Chaka Kahn. As far as I could tell, no one has yet talked about how Drudge, according to Seymour, told Seymour that it was okay to kiss guys, back during a time when Seymour was less than comfortable being gay.

Surely all of those legions of right-wing antigay fans of Drudge, who has been instrumental in exposing the sexual activities of a U.S. Democratic president, among others, and who smeared ABC News reporter Jeffrey Kofman by focusing on his sexual orientation, might be interested to know that Matthew instilled confidence in gay newbie Seymour about queer smooching, wouldn't they?

For the record, Drudge has denied he is gay (and claimed he was dating a woman with "big boobs and rollers"), back when columnist Jeanette Walls, in her 2000 book Dish, quoted on-the-record sources (friends and alleged ex-boyfriends) saying he was gay. And we surely can't forget David Brock's memoir Blinded by the Right, where we learn about Drudge's alleged wish that he and Brock were "fuck buddies." (Drudge had no comment on that one, though did try to discredit Brock in numerous ways.)