Monday, July 21, 2008

Look MA! No Saggy pants!

We'll get into this on the show today or tomorrow and get your thoughts. Just when you thought it wasn't safe to go onto the streets of the south Chicago suburb of Lynwood Illinois, local legislators there have saved the day! You no longer have to fear being mugged, molested, raped or gay bashed by a pair of saggy pants -- ever again.

It's now illegal for anyone to show more than 3 inches of underwear on the streets without getting fined $25.00. Town leaders have long complained that people wearing baggy pants have kept business away.

The ACLU says the law targets "young men of color," and they're right. Besides the infringement issues of free speech and personal expression, we know that these types of intrusive moral laws are discriminatory, and that their monitoring and application are ripe for abuse by the police, but we guess the good folk of Lynwood have other concerns on their mind.