Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Today's Show

More replays and encores of recent interviews and caller discussions, including the full call(more complete than the clip that is now up on the blog) from Brian in Massachusetts, who swears he did Jesse Helms' make-up. We're loving the week off, and hope you're enjoying hearing some of the interviews and other talk you've requested.

Hour 1 – We discuss boycotting this year’s Olympics in China, and we talk with former U.S. senator from Rhode Island and former Republican Lincoln Chaffee about his book Against the Tide. We also get him to promise (sort-of) to fight for marriage for gays and lesbians if he runs for Governor of Rhode Island, as has been rumored.

Hour 2 – Do gay parents want gay kids? We spend an enlightening hour talking to gay, straight, bi, trans and question callers all about the idea of being able to choose your child’s sexual orientation.

Hour 3 – Should criticism of Michelle Obama be off-limits during the campaign? Also, we talk to Terrence Dean about his “tell-all” memoir Hiding in Hip-Hop

Hour 4 – We get a call from a listener who says he once gave videotaped makeup tips to a cross-dressing Jesse Helms, and we talk to Log Cabin Republican head Patrick Sammon about their most likely forthcoming endorsement of John McCain.

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