Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RemoveYour Shoes and Brains Please

When you get to the airport you'll still have to empty your pockets, leave all "suspicious" items at home like breast milk, remove your nipple rings, take off your shoes, allow yourself to be felt-up when necessary, and now you'll have to let airport security check under your scalp. It seems the TSA isn't interested in just your personal belongings anymore, but in your mind.

TSA Behavior Detection Officers (wow, that sounds scary) go through a week long training (almost as long as the dozen years it takes for a psychiatrist to learn such skills) to be able to see if you show any psychological reactions indicating stress, fear or deception. The TSA won't go into detail about what those indicators are (shhhh).

The ACLU has raised the red flag of potential racial profiling but TSA spokeswoman Andrea McCauley denied any profiling takes place. We have however, talked about this issue as far back as 2005 when the TSA introduced SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Technique)which sounds like this new approach minus the week of training. Shortly thereafter there was an alert put out that airline security should always be on the look-out for women who look like men, or men dressed as woman. (No racial profiling there at least.)

Do you think the TSA will ever do anything to inconvenience terrorists one day?