Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Triple X-Rated Airport Security

In the ongoing horror formerly known as air travel more and more stories of x-rated abuse at the hands of airline screeners are surfacing.

Just when you thought the last story of that woman who had to rip her nipple rings off with pliers in front of threatening airport security was hard to top, now this:

16-Year old Michael Angone had cancer as a child, which led to her leg being amputated. She always informs security of her artificial leg before boarding but always has to take her pants off and submit to a full body search. Her father has seen security "pat-down" her bra and buttocks.

Robert Perry, 71, whose artificial knee set off alarms in Chicago, was forced to strip down to his underwear in front of boarding passengers, and was berated by a supervisor who yelled "I have power" over and over. With airport security like this who needs terrorists?

In all fairness the TSA is proud to report that these potential terrorists will soon have a choice, either get "patted-down" or be among the first to be radiated by the new digital x-ray machines that can look through your clothes.

Something tells us that airport security personnel will be saving a ton of money on porn soon.