Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whose Bashing Whom In Spain?

Spain is a hotbed of progressive and oppressive voices just like any other country. We last were touting their extremely humanistic views on animal rights, as they moved to give apes the same rights as human children, while satisfying their blood-lust for bull fighting.

The same contrary battle rages on in Spain over gay issues. Now Spain's Christians have had enough, of alleged Christian bashing by gays. Pro-family activist group "HazteOir" (yes they have that disease in Spain too) is
accusing organizers of the 2008 Madrid Gay Pride march of making hateful statements against them and other pro-family organizations.

Well, it seems those rascally Gay Pride marchers in Madrid held a banner depicting Pope Benedict XVI on fire and calling him "chief of the inquisitors." Considering that we have deservedly called the Pope a few choice things on the show, and elsewhere, and that Pope Ratz known as "God's Rottweiler" makes sport of biting gays, we understand the protesters message.

Unfortunately HatezeOir and the Spanish government don't, as the Spanish Penal Code carries heavy fines for those who seek to "hurt the feelings of the members of a religious confession" publicly. My hope is that the beloved Pope Ratz will use this opportunity to invoke the first law of Christianity and forgive the gays, but if he doesn't they are welcome at our Gay Pride events anytime.