Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back From Denver, Headed to St.Paul

I got back to New York from Denver late last night, but will be headed out to St. Paul for the RNC on Monday. We're not doing a show a Monday, running a re-broadcast (as we did yesterday, while traveling), but we will be on the air live Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from the RNC. We'll get there early Monday, just in time for George W.Bush's and Dick Cheney's speeches. Yes, what a way for the failing party to open their convention, compared to the DNC opening with the inspiration of Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

Our flight left Denver late yesterday, so producer David Guggenheim and I met up earlier in the day with Mike Jones -- the former escort who brought down Ted Haggard and then came out about Larry Craig being a client as well. Mike took us on a tour of the Denver apartment where he entertained Larry Craig (as well as Haggard) and I taped the interview on my cam, all part of our Unofficial Larry Craig Tour. I'll put it up over the weekend.