Friday, August 29, 2008

The Republican Spin Begins

The Republican operatives were thrown off a bit initially by McCain's desperate pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate, but the talking points are going out. In case you hadn't seen it, when the name first was announced, Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson of Texas was on CNN, and they went to her and she was completely perplexed, and said she didn't "know much about" Palin. It was a glimpse of the bewilderment that hit them all. Then, when Palin came out and spoke with McCain in Ohio, the bewilderment must have gone into overdrive!

Palin has no experience of any substance -- a mayor of a small town, after being a soccer mom and then becoming governor for two years of a tiny state -- and she sounds all golly-gee. But the talking points went out: But CNN Republican pundit Amy Holmes was soon touting her "executive experience," over Obama's experience as a state legislator and a U.S. Senator, which I thought was pretty laughable. Glenn Beck then came on CNN to tout the pick and claimed he wasn't going to vote for McCain (yeah, right) and said she was a great choice and that he is behind her. He called her a common sense Republican because she is opposed to same-sex marriage and backed a constitutional amendment effort but signed a domestic partnership bill because she believes "gays should be treated equally." That is just a lie. As pointed out in the post below she signed that only because she had to, because the Alaska Supreme Court mandated it.

In fact, David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Network confirmed on CNN that Christian leaders are "ecstatic" about the pick ,and he implied that in fact they had substantial input into choosing her. While this might seem like some crazy McCain-goes-off-the-reservation move again, it actually was right out of Karl Rove's playbook. They needed something to get those Christian conservatives out to vote. And they believe this will do it. On top of that, they believe they could grab some of the soccer mom vote because she's a mom with kids and blah blah blah. But I think those women are much smarter than that. She's pro-life and a fundie robot.