Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bush, Cheney Bail on RNC

Bush and Cheney both have canceled their appearances at the Republican National Convention because of Hurricane Gustav -- of course, most Republican organizers are happy about that. They'd scheduled them for Monday, Labor Day, hoping no one would be watching. They couldn't not speak -- unless there was something like a hurricane or natural disaster. And even with that, there's no reason why Cheney can't go -- he's just looking for the excuse. And now McCain will go down to the region for a photo op.

We're headed to St.Paul with the show as scheduled, but we will not be live tomorrow at the RNC. We weren't planning on it for the first day anyway. You will hear a rebroadcast from the DNC, and then on Tuesday we'll be live in St.Paul, no matter what happens, from Radio Row of the RNC.

Wishing well to all those in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and hope Gustav spares the entire region.