Friday, August 01, 2008

Congress Says No To Cells On Planes

Congress, always looking to legislate laws after their own heart, are saying no to cell phones on planes, citing them as not only unsafe, but obnoxious; they want them banned.

House members, on planes constantly, traded horror stories (sort of their version of sitting around the campfire and scaring each other we guess) about their worst experiences with annoying fellow passengers. Anecdotes were traded about people "talking loudly" while taking off and landing, and one lawmaker said his poor wife sat next to a woman who loudly discussed her sex life on the phone (she recounted the entire story to him in detail).

Notching up the stakes in the campfire game another House member topped that with the passenger who got a "dear John" call just before takeoff. The begging and pleading was just terrible to listen to, he said, and a third member bested him, saying she'd witnessed one man use his cell phone camera to take photos of sensitive parts of the plane(what parts would those be, under the back tail-side?)

Well, that was enough horror for them, as the House quickly approved a bill that would make the current FAA and FCC ban on cell phone use during flight, permanent.

As the campfire was being extinguished, Rep. John Mica said "there are a lot of annoying things on airplanes, including children with dirty diapers and noisy MP3 players, but that doesn't mean they should be banned." What are your thoughts on this, is the government going too far again?