Friday, August 01, 2008

Major Google/Blogger Screw Up

I wondered why Joe at JoeMyGod was not posting today. He's always on top of everything, and usually up early at the keyboard. Now I know why, and it's totally outrageous! He sent this note out:

Somebody out there might mention that Google/Blogger has marked thousands of blogs as "spam"and locked us out of our accounts. Apparently a new spambot algorythm has fucked up majorly. Even more annoying, no one at Google/Blogger has responded to the thousands of angry and puzzled requests for help in their support forums. The Blogger status page is also silent on the issue. According to the automated notice in our Blogger dashboard, it may take days for Blogger to visit each blog anddetermine that it isn't actually a spam blog. The problem has apparently been growing for weeks, some people in the support forums say they remainlocked out of their blogs after several weeks. VERY fucking aggravating.

Totally insane.