Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 3 on Radio Row

So much discussion on the show Wednesday (which for me, is still "today" even though it's the wee hours of Thursday) about Hillary Clinton's speech last night, and Michelle Obama's speech to the LGBT delegates yesterday. A lot of the LGBT Clinton supporters saw both speeches (a lot of which we played on the show) as the bridge to getting behind Barack Obama. I played some of the interviews I did on the floor with people like Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, who articulated that point, and some of the LGBT delegates. I also had interviewed former Gov. Gray Davis, Dennis Kucinich, and former Clinton press secretary, Dee Dee Myers (which we'll play on Thursday). Later on, I did some taped interviews with Mayor Antonio Villaragosa of Los Angeles and openly lesbian New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. (We'll play those on Thursday).

On the show live I interviewed California Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey , a gay supporter who defended crossing the picket line of the HRC dinner in San Francisco, which was being boycotted by many gay, transgender and labor activists over HRC's flip-flop on ENDA. I also spoke with openly gay Mayor David Cicilline, and other politicians, activists, journalists and bloggers. Andy Towle along with Corey Johnson sat down with us and talked about blogging the convention (and Corey, a friend and whip-smart activist, talked about being on the DNC's rules committee this year and some of the changes they will make to avoid the problems we saw in the never-ending primary this year). They've been doing some great reports, and putting up videos and a lot of photos, so go and check it out.

I must say, the steroid shot worked! My voice was much better, though a bit hoarse. And of course I told the story several times on the show. The doctor had said I should be seduced by the steroid, however -- it would help for doing the show, but I still need to relax my voice, so no parties. (Not that I was going to many). Thanks to the listeners who gave me all the suggestions. Going to a doctor was the best advice.