Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Liberal Radio on Steroids

Just an update re: my throat. I went to the Colorado Voice Clinic this a.m. and got a steroid injection to bring down the inflammation in my throat that caused me to lose my voice. More than that, they made a DVD of my throat (putting a tube through my nose) and gave me enormous insight into causes, treatments, and preventative measures. It was a listener, a doctor, who called in and suggested I get the shot -- I'd not even heard of this. Then, another listener, a delegate to the convention, came up to me after he'd heard me talking about my voice problems while he was in the car driving the Pepsi Center. He is a local and gave me the number to the Voice Clinic.

It's an amazing place that treats lots of broadcasters and performers. They'd just had James Taylor and Willie Nelson in. I got lots of direction, and the steroid should work by the time I go on the air today. So, I'll see you on the radio, on steroids.