Monday, August 25, 2008

Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager and Me

We are now inside the Pepsi Center at the Democratic National Convention (a pic here of producer David Guggenheim in front of our set-up), prepping for the show and setting up (we'll be live, our regular time: 2-6 PM EST). We are on Talk Show Row, between CBS Radio and Salem Broadcasting, the far right conservative syndicate, and who was there on air when we came to set up literally three feet away: Conservative talkerMike Gallagher. He was like, "oh, it's Michelangelo Signorile." The next thing I know, I'm sitting on his show, disagreeing about just about everything politically, but agreeing on a few things. Basically, he was feeling as much of of a outsider as we're going to feel at the Republican convention next week.

He was finishing out his hour, and then the next host came in: Dennis Prager, who I tussled with when we had him on our show a couple of years ago. He doesn't yet know that it's me sitting next to him. (Our signs for the show haven't arrived yet from DC). This is going to be an interesting few days.

I'll fill you with more as we go. Lots to talk about in the opening of the show. What does the Biden pick mean? What do you think about it? Will it help Obama? What about the Hillary supporters, which include many of you? What are you feeling? What about McCain using Hillary in ads? Discuss here of course, but call the show and jump in as well.