Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mini Technology Meltown

All kinds of craziness happened yesterday it seemed. First Blogger/Google locked out thousands of blog owners from their own blogs, which were wrongly determined to spam. These people could not post and as far I know still cannot.

Then, late in the day, something happened with Internet Explorer and Sitemeter, which monitors traffic for a lot of blogs, pretty much shutting down many blogs -- including this one -- all last night.

Then, when I finally got on this site this afternoon I found that our Friday Clips of the Week -- the weekly feature from the show which I post here each Friday night -- were not the Clips of the Week. Instead, it was the entire first hour of the show; there was a production error on our end, though we didn't even know about it until now because we couldn't get on the site. So, I'll post the Clips of the Week next week. Let's hope nothing else happens!