Friday, August 01, 2008

Race And The Kitchen Sink

We got into this yesterday but it's just the beginning as the self-obsessed media sinks its teeth into the latest charge that Obama has pulled the race card "from the bottom of the deck" according to McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis.

As we have noted Obama had been dealing with all the nastiness from McCain unflappably, with calm and humor, so when he took them head on and said Republicans are attempting to scare voters by questioning his patriotism and "funny name" and that he doesn't "look like those other presidents on those dollar bills" -- we got a chuckle and said Right On!

But, McCain's camp hasn't gotten the message that voters are taking note of his flip-flop away from happy campaigning. This latest charge of race baiting against Obama is outrageous and angering on so many levels. Firstly, by making such a claim they have pulled the race card themselves and the media isn't calling them on it. Secondly, they began this nasty campaign, and are running with it, kitchen sink and all.

This all on the heels of their low, low ad comparing Obama to Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton, and invoking their new dirty "C-word" (not the one McNasty called his wife) but "C-elebrity" -- tying him to two oversexed white woman and invoking it's own racial implications - he is coming to take your white woman!

And there's the "E-word" you'll also be hearing until November, "E-litist". The same McCain who wears $520 dollar Ferragamo shoes continues to denigrate Obama as a vapid unsubstantial candidate who can attract 200,000 fans in Germany and who worries about going to the gym and the price or arugula.

They may want to rethink the elitist approach. Pointing out Obama's huge appeal and healthy approach to life doesn't really deflect away from McCain's negatives and own rigamortised body.