Monday, August 18, 2008

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Seek To Screw Things Up

Way back in 1913 Massachusetts law makers made it illegal to tie the knot in the state if it that same marriage could not or would not be recognized by the couple's home state. The law, which was repealed last month, was racially motivated, meant to bow to states where interacial marriage was not legal.

Now the antigay group Mass Resistance wants the law back on the books and is trying to get it on the ballot this November:

Brian Camenker of the group Mass Resistance said Friday lawmakers and Gov. Deval Patrick bowed to the will of the "gay lobby" last month by approving the repeal of a 1913 statute that banned such marriages....

...The group will need about 32,000 signatures to get their question on the ballot.

Proponents of same-sex marriage are confident that even if this measure somehow makes its way onto the November ballot, it certainly won't measure up with the residents of Massachusetts.