Monday, September 29, 2008

Fundie Pressure on McCain about Mark Buse

The religious right base is just beginning to turn the screws on John McCain over the revelation last week that he has a gay chief of staff, Mark Buse. Focus on the Family was inundated with calls -- we know, because many of you were calling too, and you were hearing from the people who work there. James Dobson has been silent so far, but Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. (pictured here) is leading the charge already:

A conservative Christian pastor and political activist says the revelation that John McCain's Senate chief of staff is an open homosexual should compel the presidential hopeful and his running mate Sarah Palin to "rise up" and "unashamedly" declare their support for traditional marriage....According to [Maryland Pastor, Bishop Harry] Jackson, the announced "outing" of Buse is a calculated political move. "I think this attack has come at this moment because of the issues of marriage amendments in these states and the issue of a pro-family agenda," the pastor suggests. "And I wish [McCain] was more engaged positively, because he's getting the negative attack no matter what."

And there is more to come as more people come forward. Stay tuned.