Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fundies Drawing McCain Out

We talked about this on the show today: Evangelical leaders are demanding that John McCain state that he backs all of Sarah Palin's beliefs. They're obviously getting a bit intoxicated with power once again, now that they got Palin on the ticket. They're also asking Palin to state her views and speak out more forcefully.

Honestly, I couldn't' agree more. As PFLAG states, Palin needs to answer whether she agrees with her church's views on "converting" gays or not. Her church is backing a conference for "ex-gays" in Anchorage on Saturday. And I want to know what McCain thinks of her views too. Some people called in to say that this was targeting her for her religion and thus was wrong. But I believe, just like Obama was forced to talk about -- and distance himself -- from his pastor (who really didn't say anything comparatively so outrageous) Sarah Palin and John McCain need to say whether they support her pastor's backing of dangerous "therapies" or not. What do you think?