Monday, September 08, 2008

On Today's Show: Deprogramming from the RNC

We're back with our first show in New York in over two weeks, since we embarked on our Unofficial Larry Craig Tour. Look for videos in coming days from our travels, touring Larry Craig's sex den in Denver, and then the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport, among other locales.

Today on the show we're look at where the presidential race stands now, with Sarah Palin on the campaign trail -- even as more stories of her past surface -- and McCain getting a boost in the polls. What does Obama need to do next?

We'll also look back on the Republican National Convention. We have many interviews we haven't aired yet, and we'll get to them today, including, the former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (who called gays kleptomaniacs and Grover Norquist (I asked him the gay question) and we'll replay the Phyllis Schlafly interview (which got picked up in the Chicago Tribune), Roberta McCain and, yes, the Log Cabin Republicans on endorsing McCain. Call in with your questions and comments.

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