Friday, September 05, 2008

Senator Snowflake

Last night I got a chance to interview Kansas Senator Sam "Snowflake Baby" Brownback, a man obsessed with embryos and women's uteruses, not to mention homosexuality. As someone who ran for the nomination he of course hoped he'd be up there last night giving his acceptance speech, but nonetheless it helped him to highlight his issues and shape the party platform. He told me, ominously, that even if ten more states legalize marriage for gays and lesbians over the next 10 or 15 years and millions of gays and lesbians get married, he and Christian conservatives will work to ultimately turn that around and take away the rights of those millions. "Look at Roe v. Wade," he said, pointing out the abortion was established as a right many years ago but that they were now on the precipice of taking it away. He even alluded to recriminalizing homosexuality. Scary character. We talked about a few other things as well. We'll play the interview next week.