Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain's Speech

It was dull, badly-delivered, humorless and lacked structure, none of which is surprising for John McCain. More than that, it had a lot of empty claims and promises with few details. He didn't talk about the economy in any forceful way or with specifics except for continuing Bush policies, and continued with the fear-mongering and the bragging about his past ad nauseum -- as we saw with every other speaker throughout this convention.

The hall was not enthused for most of it; some people even seeming bored. I'd say they had one good night of this convention -- last night -- and one complete washout (night one) with two inconsistent nights. But it's bad when your last night is a downer and your running mate upstages you the night before. The biggest applause that McCain got in the room was not when he talked about his own life as a celebrity-hero, but when he mentioned Sarah Palin. Your thoughts?