Monday, October 27, 2008

Explanation on Amemendent 2 Voter Guide

I spoke on the show today to Derek Newton of Florida Red and Blue about this issue regarding the League of Women Voters.

Astoundingly, he told me that the LWV is opposed to Amendment 2 rather than being neutral on it. Why, then, is the wording of the "pro" and "con" and "summary" on their voter guide so hideous, as I described in the post? He said they word it the way each side gives it to them. So the religious right tells them the "pro" is that it "protects" marriage and "protects children" and we tell them some innocuous thing that doesn't mean anything -- so as not to use the word gay, it appears to me. Newton said that his group in fact gave them the wording for "con" -- which doesn't really spell out anything bad about voting against it.

I just don't understand this logic. Why don't we say it will "hurt" (gay) families? Why don't we say it will "hurt" children rather than "protect" them?