Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Letter from a Purple State

From a Las Vegas listener:


I'm a Republican but today I 'held my nose' and voted for Obama.

My grand-daughter gave me something she called 'The Merionizer,' done by a local artist (name Allen Merion), which is a clothespin painted (divided we fail) purple over red and blue for the two political parties.

My grand-daughter and her UNLV Democratic cohorts have been passing them out to Republicans all over Las Vegas...with a note attached that says, "Nevada Republicans, Hold Your Noses and Vote OBAMA-BIDEN 08."

It's pretty funny actually and might just work Obama out with Republicans
like myself looking for an excuse to vote Democrat.

They've passed out about 500 or so since Thursday. Obama's ground game in Nevada is just leaps and bounds ahead of McCain's.

I think Obama is going to win Nevada.

Hey, whatever works.