Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taking on Gay Conservative Whiners

Wayne Besen's got a great column titled: Goodbye Gay Conservatives, Don't Let the Door Hit You. It's all about the whinefest that they engage in -- recoiling to victimology about how other gays treat them, even though, ironically, this kind of behavior is what the right is always criticizing the left about. He focuses in on writer Dale Carpenter:

In response to mounting criticism of gay conservatives, Dale Carpenter, a prominent gay writer, is threatening to bolt the movement. In a recent column, he spoke of his "rising anger" with how gay advocates treat his ideological brethren. Of course, we know this is a bluff because Carpenter and other gay conservatives have nowhere else to go. They are dependent on the very liberalism they condescendingly deride and rejected by the very political party they claim to be a part of.

Go read the whole thing.