Thursday, November 06, 2008

Insult To Injury

After the terrible loss of the marriage amendments on Tuesday, at least one Christian zealot, the Liberty Counsel's destestible Matt Barber, is going further by asking the FBI to investigate gay websites such as JoeMyGod where people have expressed their anger using hyperbolic language. Now Wing Nut Daily has picked up on it:

Decisions by voters in Florida, Arizona and California to join residents of 27 other states with constitutional protections for traditional marriage have prompted threats of violence against Christians and their churches.

"Burn their f---ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers," wrote "World O Jeff" on the JoeMyGod blogspot today within hours of California officials declaring Proposition 8 had been approved by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent. Confirmation on voter approval of amendments in Florida and Arizona came earlier....

...Liberty Counsel's Barber said, "This is not free speech; these are 'hate crimes' under the existing definition. Imagine if Christian websites were advocating such violence against homosexuals. There'd be outrage, and rightfully so. It'd be national front-page news. Federal authorities should immediately investigate these threats and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law."

Of course there hasn't been a case in my memory of gays burns an antigay church nor has there ever been any surge in violence by gays against their enemies -- though I could spend all morning cataloguing the vicious antigay hate crimes perepetrated by and inspired by right-wing hatemongers and Christian extremists against LGBT people. That said, watch what you say and don't give these people any more ammunition for their demented war against us. As The New York Times noted today