Saturday, November 01, 2008

Listener Survey Comments

As usual on Saturdays, here are the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. And if you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please take a few minutes and fill it out, clicking through at the right. Thanks!

Allentown, PA:
I just wanted to let you know that as a girl who grew up with loving gay godparents(one of whom died of aids 12 years ago) I am so grateful to you for all you try to do for gay rights. I only wish my godfather would have lived long enough to see how far we've come. Thank you.

Janesville, WI:
Drop the Friday quotes to music. I find it very annoying.

Angleton, TX:
As a 60 year old gay disabled combat veteran of the armed forces I can connect with the gay community by driving miles and miles for an overpriced drink with attitude, the good kind =:), or I can cruise the net, watch LOGO, and listen to Michelanelo Signorile. listening to Sirisoutq is top of the list!

Edgerton, WI:
I still enjoy Mikey after all these years. I remember when he had his column in the Advocate and in Out magazine. I'm glad he's still out there saying what he has to say and making us think.

West Chester, PA:
Hi Mike... I love the show! I know there is nothing you can really do about this, but I just wanted to vent an observation... It kind of irks me when callers call who are straight feel like they need to make the point to say, "Although I am not gay I love your show" or some variation of that. I can understand the value of putting out there that straight people listen to a gay channel, and sure it is great they are not closed minded to only handle listening to "straight" media, but sometimes I can't help but feeling like, they still need to let people know they are straight and not gay. I guess maybe more gay people need to call into "straight" talk shows and state along the same lines, "I'm gay and I love your show" Like I said, I know it is nothing you can do to control it, but maybe it is a topic that can be discuss on the show.

Boyertown, PA:
Add me to the long list of conservatives who have had it with the Republicans. I am sick of the McCain campaign's lack of foresight, lack of a plan, negative attacks, and the disgusting hypocrisy contained within those attacks. I don't agree with a lot of what Obama proposes, but I do believe that he will be a better president. Sarah Palin was the last straw for me. This empty, neo-conservative vessel is the foundation that Republicans want to build upon? Whatever happened to getting government off your back, out of your life, and respect for individual liberty? No more neo-cons. I'm voting for Obama. Keep up the good work, Mike.

Beverly Hills, CA:
I love Mr. Signorile's passion for the subject at hand, And, at the same time, I think that passion gets in the way of caller discussion/debate; he cuts callers off, or so it sounds.

Long Beach, CA:
You're doing a much better job not attacking the interviewees with whom you disagree. I enjoy hearing their perspective and trying to understand their view points – even when I know I will ultimately find them wrong.

Fallston, MD:
You asked us today to comment on whether you cut people off - you do ALL THE TIME! You even do that to your guests - they are speaking about the topic and you just cut them off whenever you want to change the subject. You also breath very heavily into the microphone when your guests are talking - it sounds like you are having phone sex. I really do enjoy your show because I disagree with a lot of what you have to say but it is good to hear the opposite point of view to give me things to think about.

Glen Campbell, PA:
Love the sarcasm and the presentation of facts others miss. Political commentary is outstanding.

Lees Summit, MO:
I love the show. I listen to be informed about issues facing our nation today. I teach in a small town in Missouri. I was able to convert two McCain supporters that I teach with by telling them about McCain's health care plan that I heard on your show. You do a great job of explaining the issues and these two teachers had no idea the person they wanted to vote for was going to drastically screw up our health care plan that we receive from our employer.

Durham, NC:
Most of your guests are male. Please invite more female guests. I'm Rachel Maddow's biggest fan. Thanks for having her on. Thank you for covering topics that no one else does. I was appalled at how little coverage other media outlets gave the Sally Kern story. Your show gave comprehensive informative coverage.

Washington, MO:
Enjoy the show. Sometimes I feel like Michelangelo is dragging out the intros, but that's not really a complaint given that sometimes, I get into my car late and need to catch up on what's on the show that day.

Villanova, PA:
My partner and I enjoy your show very much and feel that it is well balanced and informative. We particularly enjoy the discussions with your call-in guests. Thank you for providing such an informative and interesting show.

Jersey City, NJ:
Michelangelo, I absolutely love your show. I love the sound clips. I was in the car with my girlfriend and she looked at me, in shock, when I recited Larry Craig's "I am not gay" at the same exact time your producer played it. She wanted to know how I knew it would happen! Just good timing on both our parts, i suppose. I also LOVE when you catch a right wing crazy on the line! I crack up when you start to reach your limit with them and call them a "fucking moron" right before hanging up on them! Its funny because its true, and I wish I could be saying it to them.

Pinedale, WY:
I have no complaints about the [openings] of your show...matter in fact if I am in a vehicle I will crank that part up the highest!!! I find very interesting that the Relgious Right will put out ad's that they know they are lying about but will turn around and preach against lying ( I use to be a preacher, have since left the church). I have even confronted some of my own Chrisitan friends about that and they just shrug it off and say I lie all the time. Go figure.

Indianapolis, IN:
It was your show that gave me the impetus to decide to vote in this election, and I have never voted before. I never liked or was interested in politics before listening to your show. I'm so grateful that I found you, and that I've become so interested now in the future of this country's political path. Without your show, I would never know what was going on with gay rights or in Congress. thank you so much. enlightening me and encouraging me to stand up for myself and our future.

Dekalb, IL:
Thanks again for bringing us the best political talk/commentary on radio.