Saturday, November 08, 2008

Listener Survey Comments

As usual on Saturdays, here are some listener survey comments. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, I'd appreciate it if you would do so, clicking through over on the right. Thanks!

Portage, IN:
You are the voice of my concience. I simply cannot believe i have found LGBT programming anywhere that fits my needs.

New Buffalo, MI:
Mike, I liked your shows. But with this election I have lost a lot of faith in you and your opinions. It was clear as a bell you were an Obama supporter from Day 1. I was a Hillary supporter I Held My nose and Voted for Obama on Election day. Had McCain not selected Palin it may have been different. but on Props 2 adn 8 in both FLorida and Calfornia Obama screwed us with is comments on marriage. We NEED to get off of our ASSES organize and FIGHT like we are fighting for our lives in which we are. we need to both vocally and stratigically hot them where it hurts the most thier Wallets. BOYCOTTS of ALL Non LGBT establishments, Organized SICK call in Days etc and MOST of ALL HOLD our Politicians accountable and NOT just hand them our votes year after year.

Glen Burnie, MD:
I really love listening to the show. I don't have the time myself to do as much analysis of important GLBT issues that you are able to, but listening to your show enables me to keep informed and up to date. No other source I've found compares to the breadth of knowledge you bring to the table. I love that you're willing to discuss any issue with people on both sides, and of course listening to the whacko's point of view can be quite entertaining. And your video updates to the blog are great. Definitely the hottest radio host out there!

Attleboro, MA:
I find it sometimes difficult to listen to the show, only because it's often democrat perspective is the only correct perspective. More objectivity may enhance the show and diversity.

Las Vegas, NV:
Straight guy. like the show, helps the night go by.

Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada:
I love the show. I live in northern Canada and listen whenever I am driving long distances. I have learned so much about the US election, as well as other issues affecting our community. Great show.

Napa, CA:
I don't really enjoy the weekly clips set to music, and I hate that techno seems to be the only music you choose for lead-ins and such. I love your viewpoints on current events and I love to hear you get callers to either expand or defend their points of view. In a recent round of those fun kinds of questions when asked for three people I would most like to have dinner and conversation with, you were number one on my list.

Atlanta, GA:
Dear Michaelangelo, I am a 51 year old male living in Atlanta. I figurd things out late in life so I am divorced with 3 sons. I am barely out of the closet but at least the door is open. I listen to your show whenever I can, usually going from place to place in the afternoons. By the way, despite the person who said something about not liking the clips of the week, I really do enjoy them. I really do enjoy listening to your thoughts. While occasionally I do think you can beat a dead horse on a topic, your passion, your energy and your work is wonderful.

Pittsburgh, PA:
I don't really like the long winded intro that talks about "exposing the liars". It just goes on and on, and it's annoying to listen to that every day. I always turn those off. But otherwise, I love the show's actual substantive content.

Axis, AL:
Thank you so much for the great show. I live in the deep south and thank goodness i have sirius because we have no radio shows for people on the left to listen to. You are the best political talk show on the left. I am not gay but I do hope one day that you guys will have all the right I have. I will keep fighting for you guys. I am in the process of getting involved with PFLAG, which is something i found out about on your show so keep up the fight and i will keep listening to you. the best show on sirius.

Rancho Cordova, CA:
I enjoy the show very much, It helps me get through my work day. I have never been so involved in politics as I have listening to this show! *hugs*

Savannah, GA:
Like the show - in small amounts. You get a little annoying after a while.

St. Louis, MO:
As a gay Roman Catholic who is still active in my parish, I would like to hear more from other Catholics who listen to your show, and what is their perception of how they are accepted in their parish. Michelangelo, I am a new listener. I look forward to your show everyday. I appreciate the political perspective that you present to the listeners, especially during the political season. On a lighter note, I was pleased to see your pictures and videos on the web site. You are so very handsome!

Gainesville, GA:
Michelangelo, I have been listening to your show for nearly 2 years now and I want to say thank you very much for the information and entertainment you provide. I find your conversation, and many points brought up by callers, to be the most interesting aspects of the show. I can say that I have learned a great deal about gay people and their issues and concerns from your show, and again I thank you very much for that. Keep up the great work!

Denver, CO:
I love the show... and in all reality the only reason I filled this survey out was to inform you that last night I had a sex dream about you. It was the oddest dream ever... LOL I know that sounds bad, but trust me it wasn't. Oddly enough I personally don't find you very attractive, but I think that just listening to you day after day, the intellectual side of you is probably what got that whole thing going. None-the-less it was still hot. Love you - keep up the good work!