Thursday, November 27, 2008

Listener Survey Comments

These are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. We've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to read comments -- and we've had fewer shows due to the holiday and my being out with voice issues -- and thus I haven't posted them in a while. If you are a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by clicking through the link on the right. Thanks.

Long Beach, CA
Everyone at work thinks I am anti-social. Your show is on while I am at work, so I always eat lunch in my car so that I can listen to your show. I never eat lunch in the break room (it's gross anyway...). I try to catch the rebroadcasts on the weekend. Mike - thank you for giving us a voice. Because of you, I have become more aware of the issues that effect our community. I even marched in the Prop 8 protest in Long Beach. I don't think I would have done that a year ago. My partner and I have been together for ten years, and although we don't have the desire to get married, the issue of our equality was enough to get me marching on the streets. Please keep up the good work. By the other car has XM in it - when will Out Q be broadcast on XM? Needless to say, I only drive that car on the days I know that your show is a repeat! Thank you, again.

Westland, MI
My friends (mostly gay men) say I am a gay man trapped in a straight woman's body. I enjoy your show and even my husband will tolerate it once it a while if I have it on in the car.

Alberta, Canada
I live in Alberta and am at work when your show is on, leaving me to listen to rebroadcasts only on weekends or if I'm up very late at night. I live in an RV trailer and only have CBC for television, so my main source of live news and global events aside of CBC is the Sirius I've "borrowed" from my truck and wired into the trailer. I find your show to be extremely enlightening and a wonderful breath of fresh air and the most unbiased of the various media outlets. Being a, well, intersexed, for want of term, person having to pretend to be a rednecked male in the middle of a redneck hickville town in Texas' bastard Canadian offspring that is the oil province of Alberta, I am well versed in having to hide and protect ones self; and I can understand very well the desire of many in the GLBT community to want to hide themselves away, lest they be exposed, outed, and lose everything they have, even in one of the most liberally advanced countries on the planet. Being able to tune into your show regarding political events in the states is a huge breath of fresh air and hope that one day the governments of both our countries may actually practice what they preach of ALL people being equal, regardless of orientation, choices and love.

Annapolis, MD
I enjoy listening to your show but sometimes you lack objectivity. I was particularly dismayed by your staunch support of anything related to the Democratic ticket compared to how you totally discount and berate Republicans. Not all Republicans are right-wing or endorse Bush's policies, and I never hear you support openly gay, elected Republican officials. Your dialog is often non-inclusive which I find ironic given our community's desire for tolerance. I see you for what you are -- a gay lobbyist and activist. You serve a role but I don't always agree and am disappointed with your frequently non-rationale approach. I would like to see you take a more balanced, objective viewpoint.

Bakersfield, CA
i must admit when i first got sirius and found your show i was hooked. i didn't realize that the gay community, was so involved in politics. WOW! I'M INTRIGUED! Thanks for a great job. i feel so much more connected to the gay community.

Fayetteville, NY
Thank you Mike for being there for us. I am a strange case - my female life partner died in 2005 and I am now with a male who is also a serial bisexual (in other words we believe in loving a person not a sex organ and we are basically monogamous) I was always interested in being an advocate - after taking in a 14 year old who was thrown out of his home for being gay and pagan - I am in the front line - no matter what.

Kutztown, PA
I think it's a shame that gay people take the one sided diatribe that Michael gives as the facts. I repsect what he says but it is his own skewed view of the facts. He tells others not to make assumptions but it is all he does. Just like Rush is a biased pompous know it all blowhard for the right, so is Michael as the lefts version. I liek the show and I respect Michaels opinions but for the love of Jake, stop speaing for gay people everywhere, admit that you speak for a part of the group and not all of it. Your more entertaining than factual. Stop telling gays to march, tell them to go sit in their neighbors hosue and chat with them and get to know them, be good neighbors, it will do more for winning public support than any march will ever do.

South Bend, IN
I love the show, u r the marting luther of our time.

Fallston, MD
Mike, just keep up the amazing work. Your show has awakened a passion for justice in me and I have come to rely on the political and social information that you give.Listening to your show has enlightened me on issues and facts that the main stream media does not, and I feel more connected because of you and your show. Many, many thanks. I always look forward to your show.

Copake, NY
I love your show. You are a breath of fresh air on airwaves filled with biased viewpoints. I really appreciate your brutal honesty, and your sense of humor. I love that you don't let an issue go until you have sufficiently beaten it to death. It really shows your passion. I also appreciate being kept informed of gay issues, and the feeling that gay issues are my issues, too. And you are mostly clean enough for my teenage kids to listen to.

Columbia, SC
I find that Mike's thoughts, thought processes, analysis of issues, questions that logically arise from issues/responses, etc. all match up very well with my own. Two-way streets are usually better than one-way streets, though, and I don't feel like the call-in feature to the show is worthwhile for me personally. I have better things to do than hold the line until the host can get to me, and those who do call in usually don't have anything substantive to contribute (they usually just want to rant or agree, which can be done on a blog or comment box). It would be better for the show and its listeners if there were a more efficient way for substantive comments to be submitted, AND if those comments were regularly (i.e., daily) read and selected (based on substance, merit, and contribution, not just "balancing" viewpoints) and briefly shared on the show.

Troy, MO
Please keep up the great work! It's time (speaking to young gay men) it's time to get our brains out of our dicks and check out more on the internet than sex chat rooms. We need to speak up, with our voices, and our checkbooks. We need to demand of the people that claim to love us more than Lip Service. Thanks once more for being a voice in the wilderness. I stand with you!

Athens, GA
I really enjoy the show. There are times that I really agree, then times I want to go through the radio and knock you (Mike) in the head.

Long Beach, CA
Love the show...funny, I hear all of these news reports on this show and all of OutQ, but I do not hear these reports on the national news anywhere. I think our community has to do a better job with delivering this information to the national media and make them air it. A good example is all of the protests for Prop 8 is not even making ther national news...what kind of disaster will it take to get our due? Thank you.

Atlanta GA
I love your show Michael. I have to say, as a result of the news and information I have learned from your show, I have given up the Catholic religion in protest of their support of prop8. While I still consider myself Christian, I refuse to participate in the religions I see now that are more hate than love.