Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Live Show Today

We'll be running a "best of" show today. I have voice problems again, similar to what happened at the Democratic Convention. Some of you will remember I had to go to the Voice Clinic of Colorado and get a steroid shot. That's a last resort measure -- docs would like you to rest your voice if you can instead, because you can get reliant on the steroid shot and do damage to the vocal chords. My seasonal allergies kick in, and then I just slowly lose my voice because my throat is inflamed and I'm not resting my vocal chords, just yammering on for hours on the air. Started to hear it by the last hour of the show yesterday, and just have to rest my voice for a day or so to gain it back. Also, just the process of doing the show when I have my allerigies is exhausting -- last night after the show I literally passed out as soon as I got home!

I will do a taped interview today, however, with our scheduled guests, Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of the Harvey Milk biopic "Milk," and co-producer Bruce Cohen. Then we'll play that interview tomorrow or Thursday.