Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Off for the Holiday

We're off from the show today for the holiday weekend, so no live broadcast. We will of course have a "best of" show for today -- a compilation of much-requested interviews and caller discussions. Same for tomorrow. On Friday, our Turkey of the Year Awards show from Tuesday will rebroadcast in full, and it will also rebroadcast on Sunday.

I'm back live on the show next week, but, alas, another truncated week of live shows. I know the past couple of weeks have been frustrating for a lot of listeners -- and for me too -- but stuff happens. Last week I was on, then off, then on, then off, suffering from seasonal allergies and losing my voice. This week is the holiday. And then next week I have jury duty at the end of the week (Thursday), so we're live from Mon-Wed, and then compilations after that. I hope I have a short jury duty stint -- they already gave me a deferral six months ago, as we were in the middle of the election -- but I can't control that. Anyway, I'll be back live on Monday and of course posting here throughout. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great holiday weekend.