Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On Today's Show

At 3:30 ET: Kate Kendall, executive director, National Center for Lesbian Rights and one of the leaders in the battle to save marriage for gays and lesbians in California will join me. Kate is on the executive committee of the No on Prop 8 Campaign, which recently went through a shake-up after criticism of the group's ads and sagging poll numbers. Prop 8 is a dead heat in California as voters go to the polls. We'll talk about the campaign,the polls, the shake-up, and what may happen tonight.

At 4:20 ET I'll check in with Andy Towle of Towleroad.com, which has covered the election and the battle over Prop 8. Andy will be live-blogging all afternoon and this evening. (I'll be a guest panelist too, popping in now and then to Towleroad in between posting live discussion right here on Signorile.com -- more on that later).

At 4:30 ET I'll talk with Sirius OutQ host Diana Cage who will be holding a round table discussion tonight during her show (10 ET) on the outcome of the election with various OutQ hosts, and I'll be calling in as well.