Friday, November 07, 2008

Taking on the Mormons

An effort is underway to strip the Mormon Church of its tax-exempt status.

In the comments in the post below, a Mormon woman writes in:

Nearly every legit news source reported that the African American vote gave the most substantial lift to the "Yes on 8" side. So where are the marches on BLACK churches and businesses?

Oh, right, I guess it would be politically tone deaf to "shame" African Americans just days after they broke the color barrier to the White House.

Better to pick on the Mormons.

As a practicing Mormon who voted "No," I'm appalled that my apolitical house of worship is being targeted because some of our membership voted "Yes" and donated money. There were many Mormons who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the LGBT community on this issue. They don't deserve this.

She misses the point entirely. This is about who funded, pushed and backed this amendment. This is about taking on the people who paid for the lies that were broadcast on the airwaves in California. The Mormon church is not apolitical. While I'm glad and thankful Rosalyn voted against Prop 8, her money -- and every Mormon gives tithing to the church -- went to stripping people of their writes, as the Mormon church leaders urged members to pour millions of dollars into taking away the rights of other people. That makes it a legitimate target now and certainly defines them it as a political organization. Rosayln, stop giving your money to the church until they stop funding hate and telling members to fund hate, and get others to do the same.