Thursday, November 06, 2008

Launch Protests Nationally Against the Mormon Church

In the last hour of the show today, I spoke with Sirius OutQ News reporter Karen Ocamb, who was live at the anti-Prop 8 protest in Los Angeles at the Mormon Temple. At around the same time the protest was being covered on CNN. The energy was great and the expression of anger -- and the galvanizing of a new, younger generation -- was important.

The Mormon Church poured millions into passing Prop 8. Now they want us all to "come together" and forget about it. No way!

After Karen Ocamb's report, people called in from across the country and several decided they were going to go to their local Mormon temple or headquarters and protest. I think it is a terrific idea. We should launch protests wherever there are temples, and also in smaller areas, go to their meeting places, otherwise know as "stakes."

It's all here on this web site.

There's also an online initiative to send a letter to the Mormon's, but really we need to out into the streets and in front of them, shaming them for what they've done.