Saturday, December 06, 2008

All Done with Jury Duty

The second day was uneventful, no trials called at all. So I sat there all day until it was over -- though unable to blog, because they block Blogger -- and then they excused me, and I apparently won't be called for six years.

The past three weeks have been frustrating on the show so I'm glad it's over. We've missed going in depth on a lot of issues and important news stories, between my voice problems three weeks ago -- which had me out throughout the week, the Thanksgiving holiday and then the jury duty. I thought I'd be at least posting my thoughts here a lot, but then was blocked from doing so at the courthouse. Anyway, back on Monday on the show, and a busy December. We've got our Angels and Gassie Awards -- more on that later for newcomers -- and in the week between Christmas and New Year's our special Election 2008 Retrospective for the entire week. More on that later too. Glad to be back.