Friday, December 26, 2008

Does Melissa Etheridge (and wife) Get the Shoe Toss?

Ever since Melissa Etheridge published her slobbering Rick Warren suck up on Huffington Post I've felt that the Obama people and anyone else who cared -- if they cared -- breathed a sign of relief. Basically, Ehtheridge was completely bamboozled by Warren, who played to her ego -- he wanted her autograph -- and then there was her wife -- idiotic and insulting post on her blog that portrayed Warren as the victim in all of this.

I think Etheridge's heart was in the right place, in wanting to engage -- I have less insight on what motivates her partner, however -- but this wasn't time to do it, and I feel like she just usurped the movement. Shouldn't she have consulted with gay activists first? Then again, she's been vocal on Prop 8, and certainly has a right to be. We always want celebrities to speak up and use their voices for the cause. But when they go off the reservation, do we just suck it up or do we have a responsibility to take them head on and let everyone know they only speak for themselves? In other words, do Etheridge and her wife get the communal shoe? We'll get into it on the show today. Let me know your thoughts.