Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homophobe to Give Invocation at the Inaguration

Rick Warren will being giving the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration. We talked about this on the show in hour three and hour four. Some people thought it was okay, even "brilliant" of Obama for "reaching out" and making "bow" to him. But I think it's an affront and an insult, and I explained why: Reaching out, to me, would be having the guy come in the White House for a discussion on issues, maybe even with his opponents present. But giving him a platform and visibility at this event is an award, and the symbolism is powerful, as Obama legitimizes the guy.

The gay and liberal blogosphere has lit up with the story, and people are angry. It also has attracted attention of groups like People for the American Way. I think after all the centrist cabinet picks, people were willing to accept that Obama was still going to pursue his agenda, and probably waiting for that one overture to the left. And then they get this! Rick Warren helped Prop 8 pass and lied about it. He should not be respected or rewarded by the man we helped elect. It's a slap in the face, while we're already down from the loss in California.

One thing I will say about the events today: The Human Rights Campaign jumped into action, with Joe Solmonese sending out a pretty strong letter taking on Warren and criticizing Obama for hosting him. I think this is the direct result of the energy and activism of the last few weeks, and the response across the country to Prop 8. HRC was completely irrelevant and sidelined. They were not going to let that happen this time. It shows why grass roots activism is important if we want the mainstream groups to speak more forcefully.