Saturday, December 20, 2008

Listener Survey Comments

These are some of the listener survey responses I read on the show this week, edited for space. As usual on the weekend, I'm posting them here. If you have not taken the listener survey, and are a listener to the show, please do so on the right. Thanks!

Englewood, CO
Although I have always thought politics were important I have never really considered myself one that could be really educated on the subject matter. One night I was in a heated conversation with a dear friend who is a McCain supporter. She made me feel ignorant; I couldn’t stand up for what I really believed because I wasn’t saying it in a way that sounded like I was educated on the matter. I got upset and that’s when I started listening to your show. You helped me educate myself; I would hear you say things on the air and then would do the research to find the answers myself. I really appreciate you caring enough to inform us of the truth. I don’t agree with everything you say and I do believe you are sometimes very short with people you don’t agree on. I would never want to be in a debate with you. I think you are great, thanks so much for all you do.

Orlando, FL
The area where the intro goes into the LONG lines that include "cutting through the sludge like a hot knife through butter" and "slicing and dicing, ripping and tearing" ect. is FAR too long.... i love that you keep people on track with telling them that you are the one that is in control and you will guide where the topic is headed. that is great becuase it gets to the root of the issue and shows that most of the people that put on a good face are really ugly when you get to the facts. keep up the great show and look forward to listening to the show!

Bloomfield, NJ
Hi Michael Angelo, I love your show. I am a recent subscriber, and I have come to look forward to listening to your show everyday. I love the content you cover, for the most part, these topics are important to me and I love the information and ideas I get from you and your show. The more I know the better I feel about myself. I am a proud gay woman (I hate the word I the only one? LOL) and your show really makes me feel a part of the nation-wide community.

Franklintown, PA
I like when you have right wing guests. You prepare very well. You ask interesting questions in your interviews. I'd like to hear more open ended questions. I'd like to hear more interaction with your callers. You use the mute key way too much. You need to ask more clarifying questions and at least consider your caller's points of view. I'd like to hear more active listening and less of the dismissive behavior. I think the show would be more interesting if you had a sidekick. Maybe not the same person every day, but a variety of interesting characters. You are very entertaining when you interact with your staff and I'd like to hear you interact with co-host.

Fairplay, CO
You've got a great show Mike! It is the best on sirius - it's gay but not squishy ….

Lexington, SC
Michael, I listened to the interview you had with Rachel Maddow . I expected you to ask some of the questions you did, but not all of them. I was however very disappointed in the way you treated Rachel. She was not expecting this treatment from you. You told her you were not intending to be this way at some point and she told you that your treatment of her did not make her feel good about coming on your show. Let Rachel run her show her way.

Big Run, PA
I think the show is great in so many ways.I would like to hear Mike take a firmer stance when interviewing people like Rachel Maddow who are clearly ignoring their journalistic responsibility.

Albuquerque, NM
Thanks Mike for your coverage and willingness to talk about the issues and be such a "gay mad-dog" as I tell my friends.

Columbia, MD
I'm tired of the fact the gay community has become complacent. We have resigned ourselves to sitting back and waiting and/or expecting the heterosexual community to fight our battles and "grant" us inalienable rights. On another note, stop the monologues and let the callers respond to your opinions--the time ticks away listening to you preach to the choir; I'd like to hear more from the callers.

Seadrift, TX
Your coverage of the 2008 elections was top notch and thought provoking.

Andrews, NC
Most of the time your show is good, but like all of us some days we are "off." The one criticism that I have been dying to voice is your (Michangelo's) penchant for inviting call-in discussion and then going on, and on, and on, and on with an exhaustive limning of the issue, a mind-numbing beating the question to death (so reminiscent of Wolfe Blitzer on CNNs Situation Room),and generally taking forever to get to the listener call-in. May I suggest: state the issue in brief, ask your BEIEF question, and then answer the damn phone! *Whew!* ... glad I got that off my chest. You do good, Michangelo; keep up the good work.

Reston, VA
Great show, Michelangelo. I fall almost as far left as you do, so I enjoy your commentary. AS a kinda-sorta,but-not-quite straight woman living in a straight world, I appreciate how well you analyse queer politics and culture.

Queens, New York
After listening to the recent "best of" show, I realized that my favorite parts of the show are when Michelangelo gets into heated, confrontational debates with the (often times) moronic special guests that he books. It's riveting, entertaining, and a great display of Michelangelo's ability to expose blatant hypocrisy. Give us more!