Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On Today's Show

Blogger Pam Spaulding and talk show host Rachel Maddow will join me on the show, separately, to talk about some differences they've had over Rachel's recent interview with Mike Huckabee, which Pam outlines over at her place.

Rachel didn't ask Huckabee anything about his positions on LGBT rights, let alone his comments from just two days before his appearance on her show, when he said on The View that gays haven't experienced violence against them in addition to making some ludicrous comments on Prop 8.

The discussion raises a larger question: What is to be expected of an openly lesbian, openly progressive pundit on these issues now that someone like Rachel Maddow has her own show? Why, after all, are Ellen DeGeneres and the women on The View often better on these issues than many of the political pundits, though they are not political talk shows? Think Progress had criticized Rachel not as a lesbian but, as TP's Ali Frick told me, as "an open progressive," for not bringing the issues up with Huckabee.

I have a lot of say about all of this, and I'll discuss my thoughts with both Rachel and Pam today, as well as with listeners.

Pam Spaulding will join me at about 2:20 ET today, and then Rachel Maddow will come on the show to respond at about 3:10 ET. Should be an interesting discussion, and we'll take calls on it afterward, in addition to going through all the big news of the day.