Saturday, January 24, 2009

Listener Survey Comments

As usual on Saturdays, here are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you are a listener to the show and have not taken the survey, please do so by clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Tallahassee, FL
Your show is actually a shining point of my day. I live in Tallahassee, but provide mental health services in the surrounding counties- perhaps the most homophobic and racist places in the United States (Liberty, Calhoun, Madison Counties of Florida). Your show provides sanity and balance.

Norristown, PA
Your intro has gotton much more ascerbic... and you seem to interview with an agenda to disagree with your guests. I wouldn't want to be a guest - because they often can't get a word in edge-wise... I *want* to like the show, but I often have to change stations because you just go too far on your own soapbox. Oh, and someday I'm looking for some trans- or bi- content... it would be nice to see

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
This is my favourite show on OutQ. I really appreciate the thoughtful political commentary. I would love to hear a little about Canada every now and least the odd time when we have an election or when our PM prorogues parliament to avoid a confidence vote...but we all follow US politics too and it's interesting listening. Keep up the great work!

New York, New York
Why is perverted sex talk so much part of the gay life style and the shows on your station. I find some of the talk nauseating. It make gays seem like the life style is all about pervertedv sex. I believed in live and let live until gays tried to push their books into the school system that my children attend. I don't want alternate life styles taught to myoung childre. No problem with age appropriated selective courses in junior high and high school.That's the parents right nnot gays to determine it. sibilty. Parents revolted and stopped the forced gay agendas. Anoither issue that just outrage blacks is comparing the black civil right movement to the gay rights movement. Blacks see it as the ultimate insult to be connected to what they see as a nasty filthy life style based on deviant sex. Black gays know where they stand in the black race, espicially gay black men. Most know they better keep their ass in the so-called closet. Coming out will never be allowed in the community and in the families. Gay marriage is never discuused in my circle of friends or family. Its so rediculous no one cares to discuss it. And yes my uncle is gay but it is never mentioned and if he wants to be part of the family he knows he better never mention anything about being gay and bring a gay so-called boy friend to a family function. He knows everyone knows he's gay. But he also knows not to bring his life style around the family.

Grand Rapids, MI
I love the content of OutQ. I'm a truck driver and listen to most all of the content from the early morning to late evening, you all get me down the road. Michael thank you for your diligence and attention to our common good. One thing I wish would happen, Can we please start referring to our people as a population instead of a community. Based on the definitions it is what gay people are.

Encino, CA
PLEASE!!! DO Not Play That LOOOONG Introduction anymore!!! I would like you to let the guests have more words sometimes without interruptions.

Shrewsbury, MA
My wife and I have been married for 42 years on April 1 and we have listened to your show for over 3 years. Living in MA we know that gay marriage has not had a negitive effect on my marriage and those Calf. need to wake up... Mike, keep up the good work and I look forward to the coming next 4 years when I hope our new president makes the changes that will give equal rights to all and he gets the economy back on track.

Canton, OH
I like your pic. I think it would be funny if you went around wearing rubber bands on your ears one day.

Buffalo, NY
i really appreciate the quality of your show, and had never listened to any sirius radio until leasing my current automobile. i have learned so much about politics and how it effects me as a gay man. your show is truely inspirational and very informative. i begin to wonder where i have been living, and the show provides a wide-open window to a world that i was totally unaware of - where have i been?? some of the other programs, aired earlier in the day are pure fluff, and non-sensical!! thank you.

Laguna Beach, CA
I am very glad the election is over. I was getting VERY tired of the fighting and lies of the 2 parties. I enjoy your insight and views of the current events. I'd like you to allow your guests to speak more and espouse their views, especially if they agree with you.

Atlanta, GA
Truly an excellent and insightful program. It has become my primary source for gay-related news and information. The only suggestion I could make would be to have podcast archives for those who can't listen live.