Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talking Back

Some of the listener survey comments that I read on the show this week, edited for space. Please take the listener survey by scrolling down on the right and clicking through if you are a listener to the show. Thanks!

Palm Springs, CA
I love your show. As soon as you are on I switch the channel to you. As long as I have known about you I have respected you and I hope you know how important you are to our community and the rest of our country. I am a prominent gay entertainer - I know the struggles of being controversial and in the public eye. You make all of us in the LGBT community proud. And thank you for holding HRC's feet to the fire (dump the Transgender community - not a problem according to HRC). I live in Palm Springs and I lost all faith in them when they endorsed Mary Bono. I've mc'd a bunch of HRC annual dinners but I would not do it now. You are the best Michael. Keep up the awesome work.

Allentown, PA
Recently I have stopped listening to your show. The reason for this is that your interviews are usually awful. If you don't agree with your guest you rarely let them complete a thought because you are constantly interrupting. Don't have the guests if you don't want to hear what they have to say. I realize that you consider yourself an activist, maybe you are, however others should be permitted to air their opinions, especially when asked in an interview.

Orlando, FL
I think Michalangelo has the best radio show on the air anywhere. second is Thom Hartmann.

Middletown, OH
On same sex marriage,even though we are fortunate to live in the US, and have the freedom to vote laws in, you’re not going to change the word of God word on marriage, even if gay marriage is voted in. This still doesnt change Gods word on marriage between a man and a woman. But theres no law on two people liveing to gether in the same house whether two man or two woman, its what you do in that home that we are judge on. now if anal sex is going on then we cross the line and we all will be judge by the Lord. And remember Gods Word does not change because laws are passed. We are All sinners, but we are forgiven thru the Blood of the Saviour Christ Jesus.Dont sin but if we sin we have an Advocate , who is the Saviour.
P.S. Love the show Mike ,you are a very smart person on alot of subjects.

Long Beach Island, NJ
I enjoy the portions of the show where you analize news events because you dissect every aspect of the topic. Thank you for putting so much effort into your show and for getting me interested in politics.

Cocoanut Creek, FL
Love to listen to your show - thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. I hated Aretha's hat.

Columbia, MD
When we got Sirius Radio my wife drove the car most and she started listening to your show. I know this because I would go to move or drive the car and that would be what was on the radio. Six months after she started listening to the show she started not letting me see her cell phone or look around on her computer. I knew something was up. Last week she announced that listening to your gay focused radio show had given her the courage to admit to herself and everyone that she was gay. She also admitted that she was having a relationship with a woman. This was so hard for me to even listen to because I have been with her 26 years. I don't mind gay people I just don't want them or their New Yawk lifestyle in my life. I want to thank you personally for using your radio show to brainwash my wife. She now thinks she is gay. She was not gay all these years. When she was young and flirtacious she was not gay. She listens to you all of a sudden now she is gay. There must be some show you got there to pull these thoughts out of normal people's heads.I hope with some counseling and attention I can cure my wife of these problems.

Middletown, CT
I simply like to listen to a show that keeps me informed and discusses gay issues at length & in depth.

Martinsburg, WV
Love the show, but you repeat yourself so often that sometimes I have to change channels to get a break.

Manhattan, KS
I love the show, but it seems like you've been gone a lot lately, but other than that i think you're doing a great job. Thanks for keeping me updated on gay news and issues. I love supporting my gay brothers and sisters!!