Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fort Lauderdale's New Mayor

The dementedly antigay Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle (you may remember I interviewed him, while he drove his car and talked about all kinds of sexual activities with a child sitting next to him) is thankfully being replaced. There were two openly gay candidates vying for the position, but both lost to a relatively pro-gay straight guy. Joe Jervis has the details:

The long and horrible 18-year reign of Fort Lauderdale's virulently anti-gay Mayor Jim "Robo-Potty" Naugle ended yesterday when he was term-limited out of office. Replacing Naugle will be former Florida state Rep. Jack Seiler (D), 46, (left) who easily beat two openly gay candidates, businessman Earl Rynerson and lawyer Dean Trantalis.

Seilor was opposed by the gay political group Dolphin Democrats, who published ads noting his endorsement by Jim Naugle. The legitimacy of Seiler's candidacy was questioned early in the campaign when he rented a home six blocks from his longtime home in adjacent Wilton Manors, where Seiler was mayor from 1998-2000, in order to establish residency inside Fort Lauderdale's city limits. Seiler's state legislative district included a portion of Fort Lauderdale.

Father Tony caught up with Seiler outside of a polling place and conducted a video interview. His assessment: "The new mayor of Fort Lauderdale does not suck dick, but he is not so bad. I am encouraged."