Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's Show: Obama and "State Secrets"

At 3:30 ET. The Obama administration's decision to use the Bush administrations "state secrets" privilege to cover up cases of rendition and torture rightly outraged many who believed Barack Obama when he promised a break from such policies on the campaign trail. On Monday the Justice Department stunned even the judges on the court when the administration's attorney stated that its position is "exactly" the same as its predecessor in asking that a case brought by five individuals who allege they were kidnapped in an rendition and then tortured be dismissed because it would divulge state secrets. The suit was brought against Boeing Corp., which allegedly transported the men. I'll speak with Ben Wizner of the ACLU, who represented the five individuals before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel.

At 4:30 ET: We've talked a lot about Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets and has now been giving some jaw-dropping interviews that all into question her emotional and psychological stability. (And you can go and check out her website now.) Dr. Diane Sanford, President of the Women's Healthcare Partnership, who mentally evaluates women for doctors before a determination on fertility procedures is made, will join me to talk about the woman who has come to be called OctoMom.