Saturday, February 07, 2009

Talking Back

Here are some of the survey comments that I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you haven't taken the listener survey and are a listener to the show, please do so by scrolling down and clicking on the right. Thanks!

Pittsburgh, PA
Well as a straight person i sometimes wish there were not so many "gay" issues or angles on the show - however i realize that is absurd since you are a "gay" oriented channel...i love your show and i love your political discussions.

Ann Arbor, MI
I like being kept up to date on all things political, whether they are gay or straight. I appreciate Michelangelo's interpretation and reporting of current events.

Morongo Valley, CA
I get really tired of hearing the clips of the right wingers talking on your show. I've already heard them and I don't care to hear them over and over. I usually change to Raw Dog or something else.

Simpsonville, SC
Finding the Signorile show on OutQ was like a breath of fresh air. Now I'm hooked on it and listen every day on the way home from work.

Chicago, IL
I enjoy your show, but like so many others, it's way too skewed to the left. You have an obvious agenda to turn everyone into a Democrat. That's fine, but what I'd prefer to hear is a Sirius Political show that has more than one point of view on the show. Can you imagine what kind of ratings your show would have if you included a Log Cabin Republican (or a more conservative person)? If you could control your temper, it would be the most awesome highest rated political show on Sirius. People thrive on unpredictability. Give it a shot!

Matthews, SC
I love mike! It's just great to be able to listen to points of view from my tribe! Keep doing what you do! Thank you!

Fort Lauderdale, FL
I love your political views and interviews. Sometimes I think you over simplify the difficulty of someone who has spent his whole life engulfed in the doctrines of the evangelicals to come to terms with personal sexuality if it is out of the realm of what he has always considered to be his core beliefs. I understand it is not always easy to walk in anothers shoes when you really don't even know how to lace them up.

Sacramento, CA
Love your show. One of the main reasons I kept my Sirius subscription after it came up for renewal. Your insight into things in comparison to the mainstream media is refreshing, and your ability to press the issues during an interview is admirable. Far too often do the people on the news back down from the subject at hand if the person they are interviewing deflects their interview into an irrelevant tangent in order to avoid answering the questions posed to them. Keep up the good work!

Orlando, FL
Ordinarily I enjoy the show. However, today's interview with Grant [Haas] was the worst, most boring waste of time I have ever experienced with this show. He did not sound as though he even knew anything about what he was saying and Michael sounded like he was reading from a script and prompted the kid on everything. Michael was even answering the questions and cutting off the kid. Bad, bad interview. I had to turn it off before it was over as I couldn't stand how contrived the whole thing sounded.

Aurora, ON Canada
Today's interview with Grant Haas was FAB!!!

Virginia Beach, VA
Getting more information out about the so called social bigots...and how to counter and keep them from calling this a christian Nation and trying to remove the Separation of church and State. and trying to make everyone "Run up the Bugle and Blow the Flag....(if you don't do that then you are not an American.....The Show is GREAT...keep up the VERY NEEDED WORK....Thank You...

Dallas, Texas
Keep up with the good work! I enjoy my Sirius radio so much that I can't drive any other way now, am a Sirius OutQ addict.

Edmonton, AB Canada
WOW i just got the news you are on 'xm' 98 WONDERFUL. my sirius is at home and 'xm' in the new '09 peterbilt i drive paid for by my boss. i missed your show but read 'the gist ' faithfully to keep up on things I LOVE YOU AND THE SHOW . if i were religous i wood say 'my prayers have been answered . but i'm not, so just hoped REALLY hard.

Brooklyn, New York
Mike I love the show, I know how incredibly hard it is to make a show flow for 4 hours a day, but you do it and do it well! I don't always see eye to eye with you but you always keep me interested. I find the show thought provoking and enjoyable, however i wish you would talk a little more about the lighter side of the GLBT life experience. You know the good stuff not the hate crimes and shit lol, Anyway keep up the awesome work!

Holt, MI
I look forward every day to the top of the hour on your show at 5:00 (EST). I am just out of work and on my way to pick up my two sons from daycare. So I am driving by myself while I get to try and recite the awesome little promo clip that goes on about "...leading you out of the cold, desolate, frozen forest of deception and into a nice, cozy blanket." Listen, I know some listeners think it's overplayed, but I really like it and consider it a treat when the whole thing is played instead of a shorter version because I am trying to memorize the darn thing. I've have big chunks of it memorized now, but I will probably have to bear a few more weeks of trying before I get it down pat.