Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talking Back

These are some of the listener survey responses I read on the show this week, posted on Saturday as usual. If you have not taken the survey and are a listener to the show, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Weatherford, TX
Thank you guys for doing a great job. Please don't get too distracted by the debate over soft issues vs. hard politics. The problem is there are just as many uninformed people on our side of the fence. And they have to be forced into caring sometimes. The hard issues matter, they take time to put into perspective and they are hard to market and take time to follow. Your team here and yourself do this well and I hope you keep it up because you are "fair and balanced". (I hate that cliche!!!)

Coconut Creek, FL
It amazes me that there are people who believe that every person who is now in trouble with their mortgage deserves to drown in their debt. So many people were offered the opportunity to own property at a cost less then their rent. Rentals became even more expensive in the area I live in because every rental complex went condo. The few thay remained became so expense they made buying look even better. Most of these borrowers would have been turned down prior 2001 for poor credit or income level. It was very generous of Bush to want everyone to own a home to bad he made it impossible to keep it. It all comes down to greed and everyone is now going to pay for it.

Arlington, TX
I wish your show was on more hours, replay at different times so I could hear more of it, you have the best show, you are on top

Rochester Hills, MI
I love the show and appreciate Michelangelo's insight and the attention he pays to the facts. I feel he gives nay-sayers more than their fair chance on the show and allows them to expose the folly of their own flawed thoughts. Keep up the great work!

Crystal River, FL
Really wish the Gay Community was more uncounditionally loving as hetero-hippies were during the 1960s. I hate being cautious of any signs of snobby or conceded attitude. Wont go to Gay, Jewish synogoge because of Class distinction there as it is in West Hollywood. I have been over 35 for 15 years and am experiencing 'agism'. But I know I don't like Gays who are carelessly fat and smoke and drink alchohol excessively. So what about my undconditional love? Know I am not objective so can't demonstrate unconditional love myself. Would still like to see that vibe out there so i could catch it.

Indianapolis, IN
I like that there is a news talk show put on by a gay host that isn't just fluff celebrity news. I love that you cover real issues, even if some times you annoy me when you don't seem to be listening to the callers. There are times that I think I understand what the callers are saying and you completely don't get what they are saying. However, that being said, you provide intelligent talk, great news, good interviews, and I appreciate your work outside of your show in TV debate, books, etc. Thanks a bunch Michelangelo.

michaelingo rocks great mind and dedication

Eufaula, AL
I still can't get over you and the majority of your audience thinking that outlawing sodas in school is preferable to taxing them 18%. In other words, you and your listeners would rather have rights taken away then be given a choice. That was very surprising to me. Don't change anything; I love your show.

White Plains, NY
Just wanted to say that I truly enjoy your show. You are very down to earth and a joy to listen to as well as easy to talk with when calling in. Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart!

Carlsbad, CA
The show is well formatted and an excellent source of information for gay listeners. Keep up the great work and don't forget us out here on the West Coast. We have some important decisions being made in CA during the next few months which will impact the future of gay rights throughout the country. We depend on you as our only reliable source for this type of news. We certainly cannot depend on the mainstream media. You are extremely intelligent and I admire you for your guts!

Peterborough, NH
I love Michangelo. I'd like to hear more of you and hope you will expand your show to other media.

Esterhazy, SK, Canada
Love your show. Being a Canadian sometimes the topics aren't always as relevant to me, but I did listen to many of the programs during the Democratic race with interest. I like your straight forward style of presenting.

West Hollywood, CA
I love the show. Since you are generally lined up with my beliefs, I don't have a lot of criticism. The only "negative" I have of recent was your seemingly un-ending coverage of the Ted Haggard thing. I get it but maybe it was a bit much? I'm bored by it all frankly.

Johnson City, TN
You have a great show and you are always challenging upward. You have a sExY voice as well. :-)

Marquette, MI

Mike, every now and then you make me crack a smile or laugh. I think you have found the perfect balance between our heavy issues and a lighter angle to our life. Take care, go go go buddy.