Saturday, February 28, 2009

Talking Back

Below are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week, edited for space. If you are a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down and clicking on the right. Thanks!

Casper, WY ( Sirius)
Michaelangelo, because of you my house is always clean, my dinners are always great, and my tv is hardly ever on. I pipe your show through my entire house and spend the day being productive. So my family thanks you! Unlike any other pundit, you are the perfect amalgam of political savvy and common sense. Out here in Wyoming we have NO access to current gay politics. Wyoming is the frontier of LGBT rights, and you are our pony express. Keep it up! PS: IN response to your earlier topic today, I always pictured you looking like Anderson Cooper, ten years younger with a pack of cigarettes, probably hundreds. If I had boobs I'd ask you to sign them!

Tampa, FL (XM)
Heard the show for the first time in a rental with Sirius about 7 months ago. I'm very happy it's now on XM too. I miss Randi Rhodes from Air Left but your show filled that void quite well, otherwise I would have cancelled my subscription. Thank you for being a much needed voice in radio that has been missing in these past years.

Red Hook, NY (Sirius)
I've always loved the idea of talk radio, but have until recently found it frustrating & one dimensional. As someone who was outraged with the Iraq War from the start, I was looking for an radio outlet that at least showed 2 sides of the debate. One night I was scanning the radio dial, & happened to hear that snide cackling bitch, Laura Ingraham on 4 different channels at once! That was the catalyst to try Sirius. I started listening to Sirius Left, & enjoyed the variety of voices. But once I heard your show, I knew I found my favorite progressive voice! You're informed, fair, passionate & entertaining. You've also educated me on GLBT issues, so I can win debates with my family in an informed way. Thanks for such a great show!

Banner Elk, NC (Sirius)
I count on Mr Signorile to provide in depth, unbiased news coverage--I always find that he is on top of the current events and provides the whole story. His questions of the audience are pointed and, as a result, I suffer with many "driveway" moments. Fortunately, I now have a household antenna that brings in the Sirius signal!

Irvine, CA (XM)
My car was equipped with an XM radio and I just added the subscription when I heard OUTQ was added to the XM Line up. I thoroughly enjoy Mike's show and find it very informative.

Boyertown, PA (Sirius)
I was listening a few weeks ago when you were criticizing Republicans for dragging their feet on the stimulus bill. You mentioned that we needed this now, yesterday, and did not seem to think or care about what kind of pork this bill was laden down with. Important bills that get rammed through Congress with little or no debate often come back and bite us, like the Patriot Act. When we're considering just how much more of a burden we're going to place on the shoulders of future Americans, perhaps proceeding with caution and prudence is the wisest course.

Milwaulkee, WI (Sirius)
I think you are doing a much better job of letting those who disagree with you speak with dignity.

Red Lion, PA (Sirius)
Please find a new opening. It sounds idiotic for a serious news and comment show.

Oklahoma City, OK (Sirius)
Thank you for your interesting commentaries and the news we all want to hear. I get most of my information about gay news from you and your show.

Blakeslee, PA (Sirius)
I am a new listener to your show and I really enjoy it. I am 47 years old and have learned more about politics and what's going on in the world in the past few months listening to your show than I have in my life! You do a great job of informing, challenging beliefs and presenting current events and I just want to say thank you! I will continue to listen and perhaps call sometime!!

Sun Prairie, WI (XM)
I like to hear what is going on in the GLBT community but there is so little said in the mass media it depresses me but I'm glad to have found your show.

Upper Darbey, PA (Sirius)
Truth be told, it took me about a month or so to tune in regularly to the show, only because I felt it was inundated with so much political talk. my statement is a double-edged sword though, because as much as I don't care for that aspect of the show, You're the only person on radio that I know of that takes a stance against the self-righteous, "Right-wing", and I respect that. I like when you invite callers, such as myself, to touch on the issues of the moment. I would say that's "The Signorile Show's" most redeeming quality. It makes us 'average joes' feel important, it's also intellectually stimulating, and I certainly enjoy that the most!

Bloomfield, MI (Sirius)
I like the talk, opinions, call in portions. I sometimes think things get petty, and you are preaching to the "choir." But, overall, you are doing a fine job. Who is the person you are talking to on the air - I hear a voice in the background occasionally.

Punxsutawney, PA (Sirius)
I live in a very small town and listening to your show is my connection to the community at large. When I got my satellite radio, I was absolutely thrilled to find your show. Your commentary is thoughtful and I enjoy the way you sometimes think out loud when discussing topics that are not a clear as others. I also love your blog and I find it a great place to exchange ideas and even have a lively debate once in awhile. Your show has become a very important part of my life and I make a point of checking in every weekday. I hope that you realize how vital you are to those of us who live beyond the city streets.