Thursday, February 05, 2009

"Ted Two"

These are two clips from my interview with Ted Haggard accuser Grant Haas, whose charges that Haggard masturbated in front of him without his consent (and sent many sexually explicit text messages to him) Haggard admitted to on "Larry King Live" last week.

The first clip is about what Haas said Haggard told him about Gayle Haggard's knowledge of Haggard's drug use and sexual activity. Haas said that Haggard told him that he and Gayle had a dildo molded of his penis -- which they named "Ted Two" -- which Gayle used to penetrate him. Some people have criticized this aspect of the story, asking why it is relevant. Others have said Haas could just as well be making it up, that it's salacious gossip, etc. Yeah, it's pretty hilarious. And yes, I honestly couldn't care less what they do together, and really, I'm happy to see she's actually enjoying herself if it's true!

But Gayle Haggard is complicit in all of this: She went on Larry King and said that "99%" of Ted's sex was with her (something I can't believe she could possibly know) and talked about all of what she described as her and Ted's wonderful sex, as well as the barren times in their marriage. She thus is talking about their sex life publicly, while she is enabling this lying, twisted, closeted freak. She is still moralizing about what is right and wrong. As far as I'm concerned, she and her life are open for discussion. And as far as Grant Haas goes, his track record so far is perfect: He's had his basic story corroborated not only by the taped phone conversations he had with Haggard, but also by Haggard admitting to Larry King that his charges were true. Haggard, meanwhile, has a track record of lying over and over again? So, who would you believe about "Ted 2"?

The second clip is about Haggard's first meetings with Grant Haas and how, according to Haas, Haggard decided he would be Haas's counselor after finding out he was "struggling" with homosexuality. This is the one where he tells Haas that as a "top" Hass can go straight because "an asshole is similar to a vagina."

I'll be posting more on Friday and in coming days.

Note: There are more clips from the Grant Haas interview here and here.

Note: There are more clips from the Grant Haas interview here and here.