Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Man Who Wants to Ban "Gay"

Last week I interviewed Stacey Campfield, the Tennessee Republican state legislator who, among many other things, wants to give death certificates to aborted fetuses (though, as you will hear in the clips, he doesn't yet know what to do about embryos) and ban everything gay from schools.

He hasn't been very successful at anything --including trying to join the Tennessee House's Black Caucus -- but does get an overwhelming share of media attention. And yes, I couldn't resist talking to him. We had camera malfunctions, however, so I didn't get the video up from my interview with him on the show. But here are some choice audio clips.

Campfield on the "Don't Say Gay Bill," which he says is a misnomer:

Campfield on why we shouldn't teach about "chosen behavior" even though he admits being a Catholic is exactly that:

Campfield on why he attempted to join the Black Caucus, and then compared it to the KKK:

Campfield on why aborted fetuses should get death certificates but embryos, well, he's not figured that out: