Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Show: Who's the Highest Paid Gay Leader?

At 3:30 ET: Kevin Naff, editor of The Washington Blade, will join me to talk about a survey of the compensation paid to the heads of 30 LGBT and AIDS organizations that his newspaper conducted and which will be published on the Blade's website just as he reveals, on the show, the names of highest paid executive directors. Who is the highest paid leader of a gay or AIDS organization? I have not been told and will be learning for the first time during the interview as well, and I'm told it may surprise us. Take a few guesses, let me know in the comments and listen in.

At: 4:30 ET: The Movement for "fetal personhood." Bills in several states would grant rights to the "pre-born," and as you can see in the previous post, some legislators are very outspoken about it, as the movement seems to be gaining speed among religious conservatives. These bills not only are designed to attack a woman's right to choose by deeming abortion as murder; the laws would have the effect of hurting all pregnant women. I'll be joined by Lynn M. Paltrow, founder and executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, to talk about it.

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UPDATE: Here's a link to the Washington Blade story which reveals the names and salaries of the highest paid executive directors of LGBT and AIDS groups. Number one is Craig Shniderman of Food and Friends at $380,000, while number 2 is Joe Solmonese at $338,000. Your thoughts?